The reason I became an artist is relatively simple. From my early years on I felt myself drawn to the medium of drawing. As long as this stays stimulated till the end of high school there is a reasonable chance that someone chooses to do something in the art world. Though financially it may be a turnoff. Obviously not with me.

Why do I paint the things I paint. This is a bit more difficult because there isn't a certain point where one can tell exactly what it is he does. It's a journey without an end. Making art is the only activity that is about life itself. The definition of art is in my opinion everything made by man with the sole purpose of existing for itself, just for being there. Just like life itself. For if you scrutinize life's purpose then it's only possible to touch its edges. To get a clear view you should view from the outside looking in and that's impossible for us mortals. The outside world reminds us our vulnerabillity and insignificance and our final destination. But also this 'outside world' gives us a feeling of being part of a bigger whole. I find this intriguing and this is what drives me to making landscapes. It isn't about that particular wave and maybe not even the sea itself. It's more about the undefined space and the transition between water and sky. Two elements that are constantly in motion. Life giver and taker. Man is strugling for survival in midst of all this tumult. At the base of my work is the analogy I use between the sea and life itself. Just as I search for a way in my existence I search for the way to express this.

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